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EM 식구 "not a fan" 나눔 단원 4-7

2015.02.06 09:04

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Ch 4-7 Thoughts
- Ch 4: those four questions that help determine if Jesus is your one and only or one of many really helped me see exactly where I put Jesus in my life. My answers to those questions really helped me see that maybe I don't really know the cost of following Jesus. Or rather I was willing to give up everything for Jesus when I had nothing but when I have what I think is everything, could I give it up? ‪#‎ohdang‬
-Ch 5:
"Jesus doesn't expect followers to be perfect, but he does call them to be authentic."
-Ch 6: God IN us > God WITH us 
By the Power of the Holy Spirit, I became 100% sure of my salvation.
-Ch 7: Are my beliefs beliefs or delusions?
"More than my words, more than my thoughtful acts, [He] wants my heart. [He] wants to know me."
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