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EM 식구 "not a fan" 나눔 단원4-7

2015.02.06 09:03

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Ch. 4-6 thoughts
Ch. 4: I thought it was a really powerful wake up call when the book revealed that Jesus didnt just want to be first but to be the only. I had never thought about it this way but I realized that there shouldn't even be a second or third place in my life. I need to hate everything when comparing it to the amount I love Jesus and I kind of struggle with loving Him and showing that I love Him. The diagnosis questions were very helpful and I think food and money were some of the things competing with Jesus which is really bad... Committing to Jesus is a huge step and a big decision; I need to know what I have signed up for.
Ch. 5: I feel like many times I am just following the rules as well but through this chapter I realized how much I was missing out on by following the rules alone. I always get too hung up on my guilt and feel very very frustrated and guilty with every sin which makes me turn away from God sometimes to hide myself. But now that I am dedicating my life to Jesus I need to love those around me more and realize that my all is His so even in my sin I am in Him and there is nothing I can do but keep living my life for God.
Ch. 6: It really hit me when he asked the question why I would walk when I could ride. I always feel overwhelmed by the burdens of this world and always feel like I am not doing enough but I realized that this may be because I was self-empowered rather than spirit-filled. I always pray for the holy spirit to overflow within me, people around me, the places I go but I don't think i fully realized the power that the Holy Spirit brings. I am starting to see that without Jesus my life only ends in failure so depending on God is the best possible way to go which is following Jesus which may seem hard but in the long run is enjoying the ride
Ch. 7: I thought the analogy of hitting the brakes to see if I was actually on the narrow road with Jesus was a very smart way to look at things. This journey of faith deals with things that are eternal so stopping now to self-evaluate and really dedicate myself to eternal rewards is so worth my time. I know that many times I think of myself and people see me as a follower but now I realized that I have a much longer journey ahead of me. Doing what I say is very hard and even though I always ask for His will to be done within me, living out His will is so scary and hard for me. Belief needs to be reflected in reality! God wants to know me, but maybe I'm keeping myself from being known by Him and knowing Him.
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